Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy  

Speech therapy is used to improve communication in several areas. Some of them being receptive, or how we understand language, expressive, which is the difficulty of putting words together, and cognitive communication disorders, which include abilities to impact speaking such as executive functioning, attention, or problem solving.  Speech therapy can also include treatment such as feeding/swallowing. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a holistic blend of mental, physical, and psychological exercises which enable patients to perform everyday activities. For children, this looks like aiding them in improving fine motor control for dressing or handwriting or developing balance and bilateral coordination for playing on the playground or catching a ball. For adults, this means assisting them in finding a life balance or decreasing anxiety or physical pain from an injury or disability. 

The goals of physical therapy are to develop movement, decrease pain, and to enhance physical functioning. In a pediatric setting, this looks like improving a child's strength, ROM, flexibility, or movement pattern in order to make everyday activities easier. Pediatric PT's are trained at making each session fun and to feel more like play than therapy. 

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